Home Improvement ideas so spruce up your home this summer.

Home Improvement ideas so spruce up your home this summer.

It’s never too late to improve the look of your home. As we enter the summer months many homeowners are eager to complete the home improvement projects that have been on their to-do list for months. The light shines through the windows, the enticing smell of freshly cut grass fills the air, and potential buyers are out and about looking for 'For Sale' signs.

Look at these home renovation suggestions to make your house appear as fresh as a daisy if you're considering opening your door to viewings this summer.

The most obvious, apply fresh paint

Your paintwork is not going to last forever, no matter how well it is done. Paint should last around 8-10 years, but this depends on the surface, type, quality, and environmental conditions around it. We suggest you update your paint job every 4 – 6 years depending on how well it’s looking. If you see any of these imperfections forming below, then we believe your property would highly benefit from a good repaint.

  • Cracking, peeling, or bubbling paint
  • Scuffs on the wall
  • Grease or water stains
  • Faded colours.
  • Mould or water damage.

All these points could be red flags to any potential buyers and may determine whether they want to buy the property if it needs work. However, if these are kept on top of before the time comes for viewing, not only will it help your home look cleaner, but also may entice a potential buyer!

Revamp the Garden

Gardens are a great selling point in the summer, especially if they are south-facing! In any case, more and more people are seeking properties with gardens as a primary demand, and if your garden is in poor condition, it may diminish the value of your home. Derbyshire Properties likes to paint all our properties, including the garden, in the finest light possible.

So, why don’t you spend a few days in the heat tending the plant beds, mowing the lawn, trimming back overgrown hedges and shrubs, pressure washing any outdoor areas (this makes such a tremendous difference), and perhaps varnishing the wooden garden fence! Then, before you know it, you've got a fantastic tan and a beautiful tidy garden.

Garage Doors are just as important as Entrance Doors

Kerb appeal is a powerful thing, and your garage door is a critical component of this eye-catching plan. The difference in the appearance of the front of your home will astound you, whether it's a fresh coat of paint, mending dents, or replacing the entire door - an updated model may also provide enhanced security and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

The Dreaded Decluttering

The fourth and final piece of advice we offer is DECLUTTERING, which is one of the most crucial home renovation hacks in the summer. The feared word for some when relocating, but it makes such a big difference. If you know your home is cluttered with items you no longer use, air it out and arrange those often-forgotten winter areas, such as the garage, an outside shed, or a basement. Decluttering is usually free, and you can generate money by selling items you no longer use. You could also use your money for other house repairs.

If you’re considering selling your home, contact us today!

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